Four Reasons to Book Airport Transportation in the Florida Keys for Your Upcoming Vacation

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After months of planning and waiting, your plane finally lands in Florida for your dream vacation! You’re ready to party in Miami or tour the Everglades. But before you can begin your vacation, you need to pick-up your bags and figure out how you’ll get to your hotel. Finding transportation in the airport can be a stressful situation. You can spend hours waiting for the next shuttle to arrive or shell out way too much money for a cab… or you could easily start your vacation off on a less stressful note by booking airport transportation in the Florida Keys! This way, your ride will be ready for you the moment you step off your plane, and you will never be surprised by the cost.

Not convinced yet? Here are four reasons to book airport transportation for your upcoming Florida vacation:

  • Comfort: After a long flight, you’re probably not eager to then have to sit in a cramped bus while you travel to your final destination. Instead, you can choose to start the relaxing early, the second you exit the airport, by booking airport transportation. You’ll have more room to get comfortable and stretch your legs in the vehicle while you travel to your hotel.

  • Stress free: An unfamiliar airport can be incredibly confusing to a traveler. Navigating through hundreds of other people while you pick up your baggage and search for car rentals can be a nightmare. Once you get the car, you’ll then be tasked with trying to locate your destination through unfamiliar highways and roads. Cut out the stress by leaving all that to the professionals. Your driver will deal with everything from the gas to the directions and parking. Best of all, they’ll be there to pick you up and take you directly to where you need to go.

  • Avoid the hassle of cabs: Hiring a cab is always a gamble. The driver might not know the best way to exit the airport or the fastest way to reach your destination. Unfortunately, many cab drivers will even inflate their rates when picking up airport travelers because they know most visitors aren’t familiar with the regular prices. You could end up blowing a huge chunk of your vacation budget on an overly expensive ride from the airport!

  • Better for groups: Are you traveling with two or three other people? If so, your best option is to book airport transportation ahead of time. Finding a shuttle with enough room for all of you, or multiple cabs available at one time, is a losing battle at most busy airports. When hiring transportation, they will bring a vehicle perfectly sized for the expected amount of passengers. This way, no one is forced to sacrifice their comfort on the way to their destination, and your party doesn’t have to split up.

Booking airport transportation in the Florida Keys allows you to start your vacation without any stress or unexpected challenges. Leave the driving to the professionals by scheduling an airport pickup or drop-off with Florida Keys Express Shuttle LLC. Call us today to learn more!

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